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A Review of Apple Cider Vinegar
A homeopathic remedy that has recently seen renewed interest is apple cider vinegar. It has been used in many different applications, from cooking and cleaning, and even in traditional medicine. Many people have begun supplementing their diets with various forms of apple cider vinegar expecting a wide range of results. What does science say about the purported health benefits of apple cider vinegar? Unfortunately, it isn't quite clear, as there is little to go off with the research t
Probiotics and Our Health
There is a rising interest in an area of nutrition that is commonly referred to as 'gut health', or digestive health.
Health Essentials: An Overview of Sleep
The value of getting a good night's sleep is understood by many. Healthy sleep patterns are known to help you feel better prepared the following day, but studies also show that proper sleep improves memory, learning, mood, and creativity [1].
Vitamin D: A Summary of What the Research Reveals, and How To get Enough of it.
A nutrient essential to many immune functions is Vitamin D. Approximately 41% of adult Americans are deficient in Vitamin D [1], despite it being produced naturally via an interaction which occurs during exposure to UV light (sunlight) [2]. Numerous studies have shown Vitamin D to play an active role in supporting and maintaining the vital processes the body requires to fight disease. There are many studies showing a link to Vitamin D deficiency as a possible cause for a broad s
Vitamin C: A Summary of What the Research Reveals About this Powerful Nutrient
As more and more people are learning about nutrition and the impact it has on their overall wellbeing, immune health is becoming one of the fastest growing areas of interest among those hoping to remain healthy. When considering the nutrients we should ensure we get enough of, it's hard to look past Vitamin C. It has been classified as an essential vitamin for good reason, and the studies showing the positive effects it has on our bodies are quite impressive. This article will summariz
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A Review of Apple Cider VinegarProbiotics and Our HealthHealth Essentials: An Overview of SleepVitamin D: A Summary of What the Research Reveals, and How To get Enough of it.Vitamin C: A Summary of What the Research Reveals About this Powerful Nutrient
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